XMT’s reputation is built on developing close relationships with our clients across a wide spectrum of public and private sectors, both locally and abroad.

We have helped some of the world’s leading brands fortify their businesses with our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & Telecommunications Services, Managed ICT Services, and Managed Infrastructure ICT products and services.

Infrastructure ICT

DUKE Highway (TCS & TCSS)


Design & Install Toll Collection System (TCS) and Traffic Control & Surveillance System (TCSS)


Quill Construction

Design & Install Building Management and ICT systems.

PM329 East Piatu

Newfield (Sapura Kencana)

Design & Install Telecommunications, Radio, Security, Weather Monitoring, Non Directional Beacons, Satellite, Entertainment Systems.

Eastern Dispersal Expressway


Design & Install Toll Collection System (TCS), Traffic Control & Surveillance System (TCSS) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

STAR LRT (Ampang Line)

Prasarana Malaysia.

Design & Install Fibre Optic Network System upgrade to support Ticketing, Video and Communications.

DUKE2 Highway


Design & Install Traffic Control & Surveillance System (TCSS), Automatic Vehicle Detection System (AVDS), Variable Message Sign (VMS), Emergency Telephone System (ETS), Communications.